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Guitarists - Razorchief - 06-05-2018

This particular topic may have been discussed elsewhere but as I am listening to Eric Clapton's From The Cradle, at the appropriate volume (comfortably loud), I got to thinking about guitarists and that wonderful question: WHO IS GOOD, BETTER OR BEST.
My choices and the reasons;
Jeff Beck---the man can do blues, jazz, rock, whatever
Eric Clapton--excellent within the blues, fluid and easy
Stephen Stills--very under-rated. Having seen him in concert numerous times the man can cut up when he wants
Carlos Santana--hits the purest notes
Skunk Baxter--would Steely Dan be Steely Dan without him?

Let the debate and discussion begin.

RE: Guitarists - HG - 06-08-2018

There are so many great ones that dont get credit.  Steve Miller and George Thorogood immediately come to mind.  Then of course you have your Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton Jimi Hendrix lists which are common and rightfully so.  But since you listed 5 players I shall do the same.  These are in no particular order.

Billy Gibbons - A pure American Southern Rocker.  
Stevie Ray Vaughan - When you get BB Kings endorsement, you just might be pretty good.
Esteban - Interesting you put down Carlos Santana.  Soon as I read it immediately Esteban came to mind.
Chuck Berry - Simple yet iconic. The sound he gave us just cannot be out done.
Ace Frehley - Why you ask?  No real reason except for I like him.  Is he the best?  No. But there is only one Ace.

Guitarists - DallasChief - 06-08-2018


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RE: Guitarists - NOLA - 06-08-2018

Duane Allman
Snooks Eaglin

RE: Guitarists - asskickingboots - 06-10-2018

I'm a big fan of some already mentioned in this thread, but here's some not yet mentioned.

Al Di Meola
Jazz fusion, acid jazz, latin jazz guitarist. He actually got his break in the industry playing in a band with Chick Corea (used to be in Miles Davis' band as the pianist / keyboardist) in his band Return to Forever. I got to see a reunion tour with them about 6 years ago. Very impressive.

John Petrucci
Progressive rock / metal giant Dream Theater's guitarist, probably my favorite band. Very smooth, extremely fast, clean player that still has a melodic sound. This isn't the best example of his skill, but I thought it was funny.

Tosin Abasi
Guitarist for the instrumental prog metal band Animals as Leaders. I went to Generation Axe, a concert that featured Steve Vai, Zack Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteem, and Nuno Betancourt, all fantastic guitarists in their own right. Tosin was the most impressive to me. Steve Vai's set was the best, but only because he had Tosin on stage with him. He lacked the stage presence of the other players, but had the best talent IMO.

RE: Guitarists - Razorchief - 06-11-2018

Al Di Meola--good choice!  I have a couple of his albums, including Return to Forever
Chris Hillman--too rock for country, too country for rock,  along with any of the guys from Poco
Martin Barre--Jethro Tull is not Jethro Tull without him
JJ Cale for pure smoothness

RE: Guitarists - chiefsfaninky - 06-13-2018

Can't go wrong with any of those listed. So will give a few others. Chris Stapleton..dude is possibly the best cross genre musician I have heard.  A few under-rated/unheralded...Ric Emmitt and Dave Meniketti, and some that left too soon, Randy Rhodes and Dimebag Darrell are the obvious choices , but I am throwing a bone to Kelly Johnson of Girlschool.
Damn still haven't figured out how to post vids, so guess you'll have to take my word on this.