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2018 Draft PIcks - ChiefsChick23 - 04-26-2018

Just a thread to track the picks as they come in, and discuss goings on during the draft.

Chiefs picks by round:

2nd round:
No 54:

3rd round:
No 78:
No 86:

4th Round:
No 122:
No 124

6th Round:
No 196:

7th Round:
No 233:
No 243:

RE: 2018 Draft PIcks - asskickingboots - 04-26-2018

1st round in the books, still a ton of 1st round equivalent talent available heading into the 2nd on defense.

You got guys like DL Mo Hurst, CB Josh Jackson, EDGE Harold Landry, CB Isiah Oliver, S Justin Reid, CB Carlton Davis, etc. I wouldn't be surprised to see Veach trade up into the early 2nd. If we're patient, we can wait quite a while and still get a quality defender in a trade.

I don't think it's likely that value will be there at OL by our pick. I'd have liked Ragnow or Price at our pick, but both went surprisingly early. Lot of tackles came off the board as well.

Don't be too surprised to see a TE 2nd day. It wouldn't even surprise me that much in the 2nd round or even trading up after our pick in the 2nd to get one that falls.

RE: 2018 Draft PIcks - tyecopeland - 04-27-2018

Traded 54th and 78 for 46. Took breeland sparks de. Was rated 7th best de by espn. Taken above #s 2-6. I know nothing about any of the college players.

RE: 2018 Draft PIcks - asskickingboots - 04-27-2018

I love hearing people simultaneously admit they know nothing about Speaks and calling the pick trash.

[Image: giphy.gif]

I know nothing about the guy. Draft Breakdown only has one video of him though, so I'm not going to find out too much.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bspeaks9

Draft Breakdown (1 video): http://draftbreakdown.com/2017/08/23/breeland-speaks-vs-arkansas-2016/

NFL.com combine profile: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/breeland-speaks?id=32462018-0002-5600-13af-b3aba25676ae

Bleacher Report profile: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2769398-breeland-speaks-nfl-draft-2018-scouting-report-for-kansas-city-chiefs-pick

RE: 2018 Draft PIcks - tyecopeland - 04-27-2018

I just saw where we also got pick 100 (which is still 3rd round). That wasn't listed where I initially found the details of the trade.

RE: 2018 Draft PIcks - asskickingboots - 04-27-2018

Ha, traded up again it looks like.

RE: 2018 Draft PIcks - tyecopeland - 04-27-2018

Traded up to 75 for nnadi dt

RE: 2018 Draft PIcks - asskickingboots - 04-27-2018

DT Derrick Nnadi, FSU at Round 3, pick 75
Traded 86 and 122 to move up 11 spots.

This one I do know, and I love it.

RE: 2018 Draft PIcks - Coach - 04-27-2018

All 3 picks are addressing the front 7, which is much needed, because not only the front 7 couldn't stop the run, they couldn't rush the passer as well.

RE: 2018 Draft PIcks - asskickingboots - 04-27-2018

LB Dorian O'Daniel, Clemson at Round 3, pick 100

Slightly undersized (6'2", 215) coverage LB, some people have him at Safety. I've heard of him, but haven't done a deep dive on him.