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Thor SPOILER THREAD. - HG - 11-03-2017

Okay, okay okay,  Here we go.  We start of Thor is chained up and having a conversation with Surter.  After Thor gets the info he wants he says no its time to break his chains and rip his head off.  Hammer shows up and right before it gets there Thor breaks the chains catches the Hammer and the Immigrant Song starts rockin and the battle is frickin wicked bad ass and...............................Thor ends up ripping his head off.  

Thor is chased by a pissed off dragon and the bifrost shows up and Thor is in Asgard and the drgons head was the only part that made it.  Skurge is running the show.  Why?  Watch the movie.  THor soon realizes the Odin is not Odin after seeing an play acted out about Lokis death.  Has clever way of making Loki admit it.  Now we head to Earth.  The old folks home Odin was in has been torn down and Loki is surrounded by a mystical cicle and disappears.  A card is left. in his place.  Card takes him to Dr Stange.  Yada yada can you find Odin.  Yup great can I have my brother yet, Yep.  Loki is upset.  

Odin is in a field and

Hell Im tired.  3 best hero movie fights Ive ever seen. More immigrant song later and a little Willy Wonka.  Movie had a few to many jokes but was quiet a ride.

Thor SPOILER THREAD. - DallasChief - 11-03-2017

Wow. This really ruined everything. Now I won’t be able to watch this movie.

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RE: Thor SPOILER THREAD. - NOLA - 11-04-2017

I think I was disappointed by this movie, but can't quite figure out why.

RE: Thor SPOILER THREAD. - HG - 11-04-2017

I had fun.

RE: Thor SPOILER THREAD. - NOLA - 11-04-2017

(11-04-2017, 11:13 AM)HG Wrote: I had fun.

It was a fun movie!  

I don't think I disliked it.  I think I was a little disappointed from the trailers and the amount of hype the movie has had, as well as the expectations I had built up in my head.  And I'm also really glad you liked it.  At the end of the day, you're the biggest Thor fanboy I know, and if you're happy, this movie did something right.

I think my biggest complaints are 1) Thor is all of the sudden Tony Stark?  Like, he was quipping in a very Stark-esque manner, and while the MCU Thor has always had a sense of humor, it seemed a little off; 2) I really did not get the plan to unleash Surtur at the end.  Seemed a little forced; like, I think they could've workshopped the problem a bit more; 3) the whole movie reeked of budget issues to me; I feel like the entirety of the film took place on a few small sets, despite the fact that we were meant to be travelling to various new planets.  For comparison, I did not think that GotGv2 had this issue, and it had a similar scope and number of locations.

That said, there was a lot of cool stuff.  Loved the Doc Strange cameo, loved Thor stomping his umbrella to turn into full Thor mode (I got that reference!), loved Thor losing an eye (nice nod to the comics), loved him coming to terms with his power without his hammer (and I hope he doesn't get it back... I think it's more interesting to have him without what this movie portrayed as kind of a crutch for him).  There was a lot of good, but it's my least favorite of the three MCU movies we got this year (I would rank them in the order they came out, actually).

Question: If Thor and Hela drew their power from Asgard, and Asgard is no more, does Thor still have any powers?  Am I supposed to be asking that question, or is it a plot-hole?

RE: Thor SPOILER THREAD. - Chi-town_Chief - 11-04-2017

As someone unfamiliar with the comics I loved it. Was sad to see the warrior three dispemced so quickly. Loved that they werent afraid to change the status quo though.

RE: Thor SPOILER THREAD. - NOLA - 11-05-2017

(11-04-2017, 06:28 PM)Chi-town_Chief Wrote: As someone unfamiliar with the comics I loved it. Was sad to see the warrior three dispemced so quickly. Loved that they werent afraid to change the status quo though.

Jamie Alexander had a scheduling conflict, so I'm kinda glad we didn't see Sif die.

RE: Thor SPOILER THREAD. - HG - 11-06-2017

She was out getting a tattoo