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Strength of Schedule Ratings - ChiefsChick23 - 10-19-2017

This is updated as the year goes by.

IIRC, the Chiefs had the 2nd toughest schedule when the season began.  Only the Broncos had it harder (because they play us twice?).

As of right now (10/19/17)

Guess who's had the toughest schedule to date?

Your Kansas City Chiefs.  And they went 5-1 against it.

So y'all, don't get too down over that Steelers game.  We got it tough.

And Broncos fans can STFU because they've had the 2nd EASIEST schedule thus far.  And they've played mostly at home, too.


RE: Strength of Schedule Ratings - asskickingboots - 10-19-2017

Yeah, our schedule gets significantly easier, especially following the bye. A lot of home games yet.

The funny thing is against an easy starting schedule that gets harder later, the Broncos have realistically performed as expected with the exception of beating the Raiders at home. The only reason people outside of Denver were impressed was because they put up some decent offensive numbers, but I think even most Broncos fans know better than to believe in the arm of the Trevstor.

RE: Strength of Schedule Ratings - ChiefsChick23 - 10-19-2017

Given the Raiders also had a (relatively) easy stretch thus far...

Big middle finger to the idiots who picked the Faid to win the West.