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SUPER BOWL - HG - 01-26-2017

Okay.  even tho the veil of depression still looms.  What do we wanna see happen this game?

Do we want to see the Falcons (who we beat) with their high powered offense destroy the Pats


DO we want Tom Brady and the Pats to move into NFL greatness as he wins his 5th ring going 5 and 2 in Superbowl's the last 15 years.

RE: SUPER BOWL - ChiefsChick23 - 01-26-2017

Not watching. Don't care.

RE: SUPER BOWL - NOLA - 01-26-2017

Fuck the Falcons.

RE: SUPER BOWL - asskickingboots - 01-26-2017

I'm rooting for the Pats solely to give me more ammo against the "Manning is the greatest quarterback ever" crowd.

I know, they'll just say Brady cheated, but that just means I'll ask them which is worse, deflated footballs or HGH?

RE: SUPER BOWL - The_Jonas - 01-27-2017

(01-26-2017, 01:45 PM)ChiefsChick23 Wrote: Not watching. Don't care.


I haven't watched the past 3 superbowls.  

I really don't care about football.  I still watch the chiefs, but the days of me hyper analyzing this shit is long past.

RE: SUPER BOWL - mabbott - 01-27-2017

Wow, I can feel the "disinterest"....

I don't truly care who wins; however, I would rather the Falcons win than the Patriots.  They have won enough, it isn't fun watching them win.

Plus, seeing the Steelers choke like a champ against the Pats makes me even more mad about our loss to them.

RE: SUPER BOWL - HG - 01-27-2017


(Well, most of you) lol

RE: SUPER BOWL - ChiefsChick23 - 01-27-2017

Hey, football season is basically over.  I'm more interested in off-season signings, Eric Berry's contract, and the Senior Bowl now.

Plus all the other stuff I got going on, typically in the punch-kick-stick department.


RE: SUPER BOWL - Unsmooth Moment - 01-27-2017

I'll cheer when football is over and baseball starts.

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RE: SUPER BOWL - tyecopeland - 01-27-2017

Give me the Patriots. Fuck Pioli.