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RE: Chiefs and Raiders Thursday Night Football - mabbott - 12-11-2016

Well, I'm back in California now and I am still flying high from the game!  Watching DJ get hurt was deflating to the defense. I truly hope Ramik steps up and makes it happen.  He played a good game.

There were plenty of Raider fans there at the game and it was a great time watching them go from "we are going to win" to "I hope we are going to win" to "we are a 4th quarter team" to "we are going to tie the game" to "leaving before the end to beat traffic!"

Walking out to the truck after the game, ignoring the fact that I was frozen, I enjoyed the Raider fans cursing, walking with their heads down and making asses of themselves. There were no boasting Raider fans on the flight back to California. And to make all that better, all of the Raider fans were silent on Facebook.

It was great to meet everyone at the tailgate!  I am glad I have faces to put to the online names!  Thank you for your hospitality and my wife said we are only going to early season games from now on!

RE: Chiefs and Raiders Thursday Night Football - HG - 12-11-2016

You are always welcome here

RE: Chiefs and Raiders Thursday Night Football - KCChiefs1986 - 12-13-2016

Everyone kept talking about the Raiders, ill be blunt. I don't respect the Raiders, nor the Chargers, the only team i respect in our division now days is the Broncos, although i don't like them (borderline hate them). But that's only because they swept us 3 years in a row (but these Broncos fans don't realize that Peyton Manning has owned our team for years) so it wasnt necessarily just the Broncos it was Peyton Manning, the first game hes not there we beat the Broncos and now we will probably beat them again in 2 weeks, the last game we played the Donkeys before Manning was there we beat them when they had Tebow, the first game without Manning we beat them again .

 But back to the Raiders ( i got way off topic lol). Idk why everyone seems to think the Raiders are "world beaters" they haven't proven anything yet but i do like the way there offense is clicking but there defense is still suspect and Carr makes mistakes at times. I don't see the Raiders getting very far in the playoffs. Im also not sold on Crabtree although he is playing well this year.