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Albert back at practice - Wade Wilson - 10-09-2008

The Kansas City Star


Rookie left tackle Branden Albert worked in some individual drills at practice and afterward repeated what he had said last week: He would be available to the Chiefs for their next game on Oct. 19 against Tennessee at Arrowhead Stadium.

Coach Herm Edwards wasn’t as optimistic.

“We’re going to see,” Edwards said. “We’ll see if he can still practice. He’s doing some things individually, but we have to put him in team concepts of working. Hopefully next week he can practice, and if he can, that’s a good sign for us.”

Edwards also said Damion McIntosh would probably keep his starting spot at right tackle.

“We’d like to keep those guys together,” Edwards said.

The Chiefs practiced Wednesday and will work again today and Friday before scattering for the weekend.

Players will return Monday to begin preparations for the Titans. This week’s practices are devoted to fixing the many things that have gone wrong in the first five games.

“That’s what you do in the bye week: Go back and look at everything you’ve done on both sides of the ball, especially if you can try to specifically pick out some things that you need to try to improve on,” Edwards said. “So that’s kind of how the practices are put together. In that sense, we’re in a learning, practice mode, trying to really emphasize some of the things we’ve got to do a lot better.”

Source: [url="http://www.kansascity.com/sports/chiefs/story/833108.html"]KC Star[/url]

Albert back at practice - DallasChief - 10-09-2008

Can't they move Taylor to right tackle?

Albert back at practice - chiefsfaninky - 10-09-2008

DallasChief, post: 4 Wrote:Can't they move Taylor to right tackle?
That would be the logical thing to do, but we are talking about Herm Edwards, and his bone-head philosophy of keeping douchebags that cannot block, together, for a sene of cohesiveness. I don't need to look at ANY tapes to see that I - 77 is worthless, and hendering the "rebuilding" process.
Makes me wanna puke.