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Posted by: asskickingboots
01-25-2022, 06:08 PM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
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Bengals Fans: Why not us?
[Patrick Mahomes sharpening his scythe in the shadows behind them]

This Sunday at 2pm we have another opportunity to witness greatness and yet another opportunity at revenge for the Chiefs. Records are made to get rekt.

Not only is KC the first team to host a conference championship game for 4 straight years (suck on that Brady fanboys), further proving the Chiefs as the gatekeepers of the AFC, they have gotten every team's best shot in the process. The Bengals can't say that. Now they're going to see what happens when we're every bit if not even more motivated.

I hope the Bengals fans have had fun. I hope they just view it as playing with house money and that they have a bright future, especially compared to recent decades. Because if they think that they're truly ready to step to the king they're about to learn otherwise.

"But the Bengals beat the Chiefs in the regular season!"
Tell that to the Bills.

"But Burrow has been amazing!"
Tell that to Josh Allen.

But nothing. Bring it.

The Chiefs had years of being kinda good before getting to where they are. Years of beating eventual Super Bowl champs and losing in the playoffs. Years of "Watch out next year". The Bengals might get there quicker because they've got the QB figured out, but they're also just as likely to fizzle out when his soul gets dislocated from his body because they are putting up a pathetic offensive line. They are not going to beat us scoring 1 TD and allowing 9 damn sacks.

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Posted by: asskickingboots
01-18-2022, 06:38 PM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
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The Chiefs have a perfect opportunity to right some wrongs from the regular season. Next on the docket, the Buffalo Bills on Sunday evening.

I had a bunch of stuff planned to type for this, but I've got other things to do. I might try to type something some other day.

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Posted by: asskickingboots
01-10-2022, 01:03 PM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
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Wildcard, bitches!

A few short weeks ago the Chiefs utterly embarrassed the Steelers in entirely undramatic fashion. The game wasn't in question from the moment the Chiefs were up 14-0 and the defense even threatened a shutout well into the 3rd quarter. This is despite the Chiefs missing a number of key pieces due to Covid infections / protocols. The final stats weren't flattering for the Steelers and even then didn't tell the whole story.

Now this time it really matters. The Chiefs being the #2 seed means they get the honor of facing a team that less than a handful of years ago wouldn't even be in the playoffs and no one would shed a tear outside of the Steeler faithful. A team that's merely here because they did the NFL version of kissing their sister and ended a game in a tie against the lowly Lions.

This is a new game, the score is 0-0 with a full 60 minutes to go. The turnover margin is +/-0 right now, not +3 Chiefs. The Chiefs can't just assume they show up and win. They need to take the attitude that won the game against the Steelers back with them.

In the Mahomes era the Chiefs haven't had to play a true road playoff game. There's a strong possibility that streak continues through this postseason. Being the #2 seed the Chiefs will host this weekend, would host next weekend if they win, and could host their record 4th straight AFC Championship Game if they win and the Titans lose,

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Posted by: asskickingboots
01-04-2022, 09:51 AM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
- Replies (6)

The Chiefs may have fucked up their best, easiest path to a championship, but they are miles from out of it and have an outside shot at the #1 seed still (root for the Texans). Every team in the AFC playoff picture is flawed, but at least the Chiefs can say they were in all the games they lost except one and they didn't lose to some turd like the Texans or Jets or both.

I'll go ahead and say it, the Titans would be one of the weakest #1 seeds ever. They are merely a .500-ish team without Henry aided heavily by a weak schedule while their star was out and their fans are morons if they think he's just going to dominate immediately off of a serious injury. It often takes players 5 or 6 games to get their legs back underneath them and feel confident in their running. It's like they're trying to turn him into Eddie George and grind him into dust.

This is potentially a worst case scenario for my pocket book. If the Chiefs are the #2 seed they don't get a bye and might still host the AFC Championship game. Potentially 3 playoff games is a lot of dough to shell out, especially since they are more expensive than regular season games. I'll take that scenario in a heartbeat since it means the Chiefs are in the AFCCG again, it just might mean I'm eating rice and beans for a while. I'd much rather they get that #1 seed, have an easier path, and of lesser importance save me some money.

The Broncos-Chiefs game got moved to a Saturday 3:30 kickoff. Just as well get an extra day's rest heading into the playoffs, especially if we're playing that Wild Card weekend. Texans-Titans is a regular noon Sunday game. Don't know why the league did them such a favor that they could potentially rest their starters if we lost (we won't), but screw it since we ostensibly benefit as well. Let's roll! Go Chiefs!

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Posted by: asskickingboots
12-27-2021, 09:25 AM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
- Replies (9)

Major playoff implications may still be on the line, but thanks in part to a laughable performance by the Bolts against the Texans, the Chiefs have earned their 6th consecutive AFC West Division Championship.

The Bengals are coming off of a deliberate score running up domination against the Ravens, trying to ruin my fantasy team (still hanging on by a thread, tonight matters). If the Chiefs win they are all but assured the #1 seed. If the Bengals win they very likely win their division.

This isn't an easy game, but nobody is hotter than the Chiefs right now, even the Bengals.

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Posted by: asskickingboots
12-21-2021, 01:04 PM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
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After a hard fought battle against what we now know for certain is our closest division foe, the seas have parted for the Chiefs and now they control their own destiny with only 3 games left. Even if the Chiefs lost a game, I'm not sure any of the other front runners would win their remaining games.

Everyone is flawed, but at least with the Chiefs all of the teams they lost to could be playoff teams and there's been marked improvement in the team since. Although, technically even a team like the Ravens would be on the outside looking in if the playoffs started today.

It really was amazing watching throughout the weekend as everything came up Millhouse. Patriots lose. Titans lose. Ravens lose.

Now the Chiefs face the Steelers. Another deeply flawed yet dangerous team. The Steelers are actively fighting for their slim playoff hopes. They average giving up 367.5 vs. 317.5 yards on offense. Sounds like they're fortunate to have the record they do.

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Posted by: asskickingboots
12-13-2021, 10:01 AM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
- Replies (20)

Short week, so I figured I needed to drop the thread early. I feel like the NFL schedulers did a huge favor to the Chargers by scheduling the Chiefs in the middle of a week in December. Makes it harder for Chiefs fans to travel, but let's be honest, it's not as if the Bolt fans will show up in force at their own stadium.

Hard to argue with the Chiefs after destroying the Raiders in a complete team win. Now is a chance to avenge one of the more impactful losses of the season.

Things continue to look up for the Chiefs across the entire playoff picture but beating the Chargers would all but ensure another Division Championship and help the Chiefs keep pace with the other division leaders for playoff seeding.

For those that think the Chiefs offense is holding them back, they've scored just as much as the Chargers with more yards. The defense, even with the rough start, has surrendered 68 less points than the Bolts. We have more balance than them. There's a reason we've won more games than them even if they are considered the new hotness by people already sick of us.

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Posted by: asskickingboots
12-06-2021, 11:59 AM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
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This upcoming game is going to be on my first anniversary to Mrs. AKB, so she decided that rather than me selling the tickets to be with her that she wanted to come with. I brought her to a game years ago as a sort of weird unofficial date, so this is almost like a first time together at Arrowhead. Thinking about bringing our wedding cake topper with. Should be a lot of fun.

To D or not to D
Another simply amazing performance by our defense that outscored the Broncos offense across 3-1/2 quarters (6-3) until a garbage time TD with less than 6 minutes in the game. Another kind of baffling under-performance by the offense.

I still have an abundance of faith in the offense to figure things out. Struggling against a really good Denver defense might not be the worst indicator. The Chiefs just have too much talent, too much history, to not believe in them. Even the one INT was another tipped pass by Tyreek, something I think is correctable even this late into the season.

However, if the defense keeps performing this way it won't matter if the offense performs average. After starting the year the first 5 games allowing 29+ points in each game, the defense hasn't allowed more than 17 points the last 5, averaging 12.4 ppg in that span and that is a number bloated by at least a couple meaningless garbage time TDs. It's really been trending better than that recently, and this is long enough it isn't strictly a fluke.

Oh, but, but.,..
Oh, but the Broncos had a ridiculous 20 play, 88 yard drive that yielded no points, so the Chiefs D is just really lucky! Not really. First off, 4.4 yards per play isn't overwhelming. The Broncos went for it on 4th down 3 times that drive. so that's 12 plays of that drive yielded a combined 2 first downs.  The Broncos were playing like a desperate loser since the start of the second quarter and would have been far more likely to screw up sooner rather than continually succeeding on 4th the rest of the drive / game.

Oh, but Broncos had 167 more yards than the Chiefs! Oh, but Javonte Williams put up 178 scrimmage yards! And? This is a common thread in games where an offense does stuff like give up turnovers. The Broncos gave up 2 INTs including a pick 6, muffed a punt deep in their territory, and turned the ball over on downs twice (once when it still mattered). You can gain a lot of yards when your team gives up points and shortened field position to the opponent consistently.

That's effectively 5 turnovers on drives that lead to ZERO points (or -6 points if you'd rather), no positive change in field position, and still accounted for over half (210) of their worthless padded yards. It'd be like having a 10" donkey dick that was eternally flaccid. It certainly isn't worth bragging about, it wouldn't even work as a hood ornament. And that isn't even including the 3 three and outs.

Consistency matters. If you intend to win a relatively low scoring game you need to consistently win the field position game, and the Broncos were far more consistently bad.

The Playoff Race
Every AFC Division leader is 8-4. 8 AFC teams have 4 or 5 losses. The Chiefs gotta be feeling fucking adorable at the moment. Like a spoiled rich girl, none of their previous fuck ups seem to be hanging over their head. Only the Patriots could claim to be anywhere near as hot as the Chiefs, and does anyone truly think Mac Jones is gonna outduel Mahomes in January? Maybe we'll get a clearer idea after tonight's game against Buffalo.

The AFC is a mess and we're in position to reap the benefits.

The Raidughs
One of my favorite things to say that has bitten me in the ass before is we've seen this game before. It's perhaps too dismissive or cavalier when we're talking about division rivals that have been chasing our ass for over a half decade with no greater realistic goal or desire in sight than winning a mini-Super Bowl by scraping by a narrow and likely undeserved win against us.

That being said, a bizarre OT win against a then reeling and not healthy Cowboys team is the only spot of glory in a 4 out of 5 loss streak for the flailing Raiders. Chaos is the glue that holds the team together right now, so I think we're more likely to see them fully implode rather than suddenly becoming a bastion of competence.

I think the Chiefs got this one easy.

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Posted by: asskickingboots
11-30-2021, 10:35 AM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
- Replies (9)

I'm dead tired. I'm still vaguely recovering from a stomach flu, I still have Christmas decorations to put up, my mom's dog had to be put to sleep due to cancer, and I just ain't feeling it right now.

So here's the basics. The Broncos, even without Von Miller, still have a for real defense. Their offense is garbage and injuries just made it worse. I think our defense has shown enough competence to expect success. I think our offense is far more likely to scratch together enough points to win than theirs.

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Posted by: asskickingboots
11-17-2021, 12:51 AM
Forum: HG Memorial Chiefs Talk
- Replies (15)

The healing process can take a while sometimes. Not just the weeks of winning "ugly", or the just plain losing before that, but the healing this team has needed since the SB loss may have reached its ultimate destination on the road to recovery.

With that in mind the division is once again in sight as our potential destiny. All these other teams are generally happy with performances that have led to barely above .500 ball, but for us this has been a disappointment. Yet still we're ahead in the division and there is no clear cut favorite in the AFC in our way.

Defensive Establishment
The defense had started to finally play average to above average, something many thought they should be capable of, even keeping the offense in games it didn't deserve to be in. Holding the Raiders to just 2 scoring drives was a solid performance, even if their off the field issues are as omnipresent as daddy issues throughout Vegas.

I think the biggest change is Melvin Ingram allows the Chiefs to play more in position on the d-line. That combined with Frank Clark getting more healthy has allowed the team to use Chris Jones more often inside. Everybody at every level of the defense benefits. The play of Gay and Bolton at LB has helped immensely as well.

Offensive Improvements
The offense flipped a switch and played like the unit we hoped it could be. The o-line eviscerated a solid Raiders d-line, giving up ZERO sacks and only 3 pressures. The most impactful play Maxx Crosby made was when he drew a personal foul for being some combination of dumb, angry, potentially deaf, neck tattooed, and a jerk.

You see, when Andrew Wylie is one of your best offensive linemen you're in trouble. When he's one of the first guys off your bench instead and he's surrounded by competent co-workers, that's the sign of a great line and you can work with that, especially short term.

The offensive line as a whole is building into a core strength of this team.

Bring on Dallas
The next opponent is the Dallas Cowboys. I think they're a bit of a paper tiger at 7-2. Not bad by any stretch, but still no the Cowboys of the 70s or 90s. Losing convincingly to the Broncos just a couple weeks ago is a prime example of that.

Then again, this has been a weird year so far and only getting weirder in the NFL. Who knows what teams decide to show up on both sides.

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