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I’ve never been the type of writer to chase leads. My function in the world of the Kansas City Chiefs is as an editorialist. It was with this in mind that I weighed whether or not I would act on a bit of inside information I received earlier today. I struggled with it all day, but ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best for me to report what I’ve heard, with the simple caveat that I cannot state with absolute certainty that what I’m about to divulge tells the full story. I trust my source completely, but my source was only privy to a brief observation, and not at all to the events that led to it.

Unfortunately I am the bearer of bad news. No team survives a season without injuries. Rookies are particularly susceptible to them for a bevy of reasons. In this case, it appears that Dexter McCluster may be the regular season’s first victim (5th round pick Cameron Sheffield was injured during the preseason). According to my source, he left the facility sporting a boot on his right foot and walking with the assistance of a cane.

A boot may or may not be an indication of serious injury. Thus far there is no concrete evidence to suggest he will not play this coming Sunday against the Bills. Still, given his versatility, and given the team’s overall lack of depth at wide receiver, this is a potentially critical loss. At this juncture we can do nothing but hope for a speedy recovery, whatever the severity of the injury may be. We hope to hear more within the next few days.

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